Functional Remedies Print Campaign:

AD: Caroline Clark


Functional Remedies offers full-spectrum hemp oil produced with a proprietary, whole-plant lipid infusion process. Functional Remedies wanted to position their top quality products so that their products would appeal to higher
end retailers, such as Nordstrom's & Barney's. Below is the proposed written concept, two campaigns expressing this concept, and a redesign of one of
their products' packaging. 

Skills Applied:

Branding, Layout Design
& Package Design

Concept: Accessorize Your Health

Just like the latest handbag or strappy pair of sandals, the right accessory can make your look. Let’s create the demand for Functional Remedies by framing it as the hottest accessory you need because optimal health looks amazing on you. This idea plays into the primary target audience’s desire to stay current in both fashion and wellness, and we’ll talk about how the “design” of the product out performs CBD to help you look and perform at your very best.