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FOLI Media:

FOLI Media has broken into the cannabis industry as a major competitor to WeedMaps. What sets Foli Media apart from the rest is that they want to first off make their app educational for their users, and secondly treat their partnering dispensaries with the price fairness they deserve. As such, FOLI Media wanted their branding to speak to its mission of providing a user experience that is more inclusive, less stigmatized, and more mainstream than their competitors.


Below is my mood board design, which I tried to keep playful and warm yet still sophisticated. Foli chose my design, from which all their future branding would grow. Our team then worked tirelessly to create a beautifully branded and fully prototyped app design, as well as full website design, adapted from my mood board.

AD: Carol Clark, Jeffrey Steffonich


Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 2.01.16 PM.png

 app & website design:  

foli screens.png
foli computer screen.png

to see foli's current website using my branding and adapted from our team's landing page concepts, click here 

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