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Cannabolish- Natural Cannabis Odor Remover:

Cannabolish is a line of air freshening products geared towards eliminating the odor cannabis leaves behind. Made from natural plant oils and water, their products are unlike any other in their ability to absorb and remove odors without toxic ingredients. When Cannabolish came to us, they wanted to promote themselves as an essential to consumers' everyday life. The campaign that followed encouraged consumers to rekindle their love for "smoking flower", knowing that Cannabolish would have their back when it came to the odors left behind.  

AD: Carol Clark

In order to reach our audience, we turned to the industry's key influencers to spread the word about Cannabolish's products. This consisted of a print campaign, for which we photographed all the flat lay imagery ourselves, that ran in popular industry-related magazines such as Dope & High Times. We then took Instagram by storm with a series of product photography we shot of Cannabolish's products with these key categories in mind: Seasonal, Lifestyle, Travel, & Gift. These images were not only used on Cannabolish's social media pages but were also provided, through Heartbeat, to a vast collection of micro-influencers to post on their pages and look to as reference when taking their own images of Cannabolish's products. Last, came a promotional video presentation I created using Keynote to display on rotation at multiple High Times events, where many of the Cannabis Industry's biggest influencers gathered. 

 print campaign: 

Wood Panel
Wood Panel
Wood Panel

 promotional video: 


 social posts: 


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