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Skills Applied:

Adobe XD, UX & UI Design, Wire Framing,

Branding, & Layout Design

An assigned project in an area of our choosing in which 

we were asked to use to learn an adobe
creative app we were unfamiliar with. I chose to
design & create an app prototype using Adobe XD. 


We've all been there. You're sitting at a restaurant or standing in line for coffee and spot an amazing pair of shoes on a stranger across the room. Instead of awkwardly asking where they bought them or just never asking at all, simply open up Spotted. Here you'll have the ability to scroll through a feed of clothing items posted by nearby users, find those shoes you want so badly, and go to an online retailer that sells them.


Spotted will eliminate the awkwardness of asking a stranger where they bought an item they have on. By using their location, the app will allow users to browse through clothing items other users around them are wearing. On every product's page, a link to an online retailer selling that product is provided.


Spotted users can post their entire outfit or just one individual item they are wearing. These posts will disappear from the public feed after 24 hours, but will remain in users's "Sightings" page if they decide to favorite them. Users that post a certain number of items each month will be rewarded with promotional codes and discounts to popular online retailers. 


1 cup



Scroll through items posted by nearby users

Chat users about their items

Chat Archive:

Save items you've spotted for later

Home Screen:

Receive promo codes to popular online retailers


Product Page:

Find where users near

you bought their items

Spotted App
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